What is "landscape and ecological engineering"?

published online:1 April 2005

International Consortium of Landscape and Ecological Engineering and Springer-Verlag Tokyo 2005

Loss of biodiversity, deserti.cation, global warming,
and other environmental issues have become increasingly
recognized, requiring the advancement of environmental
conservation and restoration from a global
perspective. Although various worldwide scienti.c and
engineering e.orts, including those in Asian countries,
have contributed to ameliorating the environmental
crisis, growing pressures of economic and industrial
development in Asia necessitate much further e.ort with
consideration of sustainable development of human
society. In addition, climatic conditions in eastern Asia,
such as the Asian monsoon climate, and the ecological
communities of the region diverge greatly from those in
the West. The investigation should then be conducted
within a framework appropriate to these given conditions.
The international journal Landscape and Ecological
Engineering will be published in English to meet its
global responsibility in protecting and improving the
environment unique to each region. The journal promotes
the development of theoretical concepts in environmental
conservation and restoration and in taking a
leadership role in establishing e.ective techniques for
their application. For truly useful research that provides
practical solutions, it is essential to exchange information
among a wide array of experts across multidisciplinary
.elds and many countries, and particularly to
coordinate between researchers and their activities.

Landscape and Ecological Engineering will thus be published
by the International Consortium of Landscape
and Ecological Engineering (ICLEE), a consortium of
East Asian societies (in alphabetical order: Chinese
Landscape Architects Society in Taiwan, Ecology and
Civil Engineering Society, Japan Association for Landscape
Ecology, Japanese Society of Revegetation Technology,
Korea Institute of Landscape Architecture,
Korea Society for Environmental Restoration and
Revegetation Technology, Korean Society of Environmental
Ecology) as an o.cial periodical of each society.
The journal is, therefore, not limited to speci.c disciplines
and approaches, but solicits papers reporting research
results with emphases on their application to
solution of environmental problems and management.
The journal invites contributions and subscriptions
from as many scientists, engineers, and managers as
possible in a variety of disciplines. We are delighted and
honored not only to declare the inauguration of the
journal, but also the international cooperation of academic
societies in the age of the global environment. We
welcome relevant societies to join us.

President, International Consortium of Landscape and
Ecological Engineering

Futoshi Nakamura
Editor-in-Chief, Landscape and Ecological Engineering

Seoul University,Seoul, Korea

E-mail: kwigon@snu.ac.kr

Futoshi Nakamura
Division of Environmental Resources,
Graduate School of Agriculture,
Hokkaido University, Japan
E-mail: lee_ed2007@yahoo.co.jp


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