Memorandum of ICLEE

Memorandum of Agreement for International Consortium of Landscape and Ecological Engineering

Article I - General

Section 1.
This agreement (hereinafter referred to as the gAgreementh) is named "Memorandum of the agreement for International Consortium of Landscape and Ecological Engineering".

Section 2.
The purpose of this Agreement is to publish the Consortiumfs journal gLandscape and Ecological Engineeringh through collaboration among societies primarily in East Asia in the fields of environmental conservation, management and restoration, with the goal of contributing to the development of related disciplines and human communities living in harmony with the natural environment.

Article II - Constituent Societies, Membership and Fees

(Constituent Societies)
Section 3.
Societies who agree with the purpose stated in Section 2 of the Agreement and participate in this Consortium are called the constituent societies of International Consortium of Landscape and Ecological Engineering (hereinafter ICLEE).

2. Personal membership for the ICLEE
Constituent Societies shall register their own personal members who agree with the purpose of this Agreement and are qualified to subscribe and submit to the Journal.

(Admissions to Constitutional Membership)
Section 4.
Constituent Societies for ICLEEfs establishment are listed in Appendix 1. Membership shall be automatically renewed without notification.

2. Application and cancellation for constitutional membership shall be submitted in written English to the President of the ICLEE Board and approved by the Board of Directors two months prior to the beginning of the fiscal year.

(Membership Fee)
Section 5.
Each Constituent Society must promptly pay the amount of annual membership fee with due regard to the number of its ICLEE personal members by means of which the President specifies.

2. The annual membership fee per personal member is 67 in US dollar. Each Constituent Society shall ensure the number of personal members listed in Appendix 1.

Article III ? Administration and Editorial Members

(Structures, Numbers and Appointment)
Section 6.
The ICLEE institutes a Board of Directors, Comptrollers and a Board of Editors. The number of the Directors is as same as that of Constituent Societies. The Board of Editors is made of 40 members at most.

Section 7. Directors
The Directors consist of the presidents of Constituent Societies or ICLEE personal members who are appointed by the presidents, and shall conduct the affairs of ICLEE.

2. One President and two Vice-presidents of ICLEE shall be appointed among the Directors.

Section 8. Comptrollers
Two Comptrollers are appointed.

Section 9. Board of Editors
The Board of Editors comprises one Chief Editor and editors. The number of the Editors will be decided with due regard to the size of Constituent Societies and their research specialization.

2. One associate editor is appointed out as the representative of the editors from each Constituent Society.

3. The Directors may concurrently serve as an Editor but not as a Comptroller.

4. The Editors may be chosen outside of the ICLEE, if deemed necessary.

(Election and Appointment of the President, Vice President and Comptrollers, and Editorial Members)
Section 10.
The President and Vice Presidents of ICLEE shall be elected by mutual vote among the Directors. The Comptrollers shall be appointed by the President.

2. The Chief Editor shall be appointed by the President. The Associate Editors shall be appointed by the Chief Editor, regarding the recommendations of Constituent Societies.

3. The Editors shall be appointed by the Chief Editor, through the discussion with the Associate Editors.

(Tasks of Directors and Comptrollers)
Section 11.
The President represents the ICLEE and presides its activities.

2. The Vice Presidents support the President. When the President is absent, one Vice President will be appointed for acting as the President. The order of the Vice Presidents to be appointed is arranged by the President in advance.

3. The Directors comprise the Board of Directors and directs the activities of ICLEE in accordance with decisions made by this Agreement and the Board of Directors.

4. The Comptrollers review the administration of the ICLEE and audit the financial status of ICLEE. Their specific responsibilities are to:
(1) Report to the Constituent Societies any financial misconduct and violation of the Agreement or laws.
(2) Advice the Board of Directors of the administration and financial status of ILCEE.

Section 12.
The terms of Directors and Editors are two years. They will be eligible for re-election to the same Board.

2. The Director or Editor who is appointed to fill vacant or an additional position shall serve for a remaining term of the outgoing Director, Editor or other members in the Boards.

3. The outgoing Directors and Editors, even after their terms, shall continue conducting their tasks until their successors assume their positions.

Article IV ? Board Meetings

(Types of Board Meetings)
Section 13.
Two types of the ICLEE Board Meetings are held: the meetings of Board of Directors and Editors.

2. The Board of Directors shall meet at least once a year.

3. The Board of Editors shall meet when necessary.

Section 14.
The Board of Directors meetings shall be convened by the President.

2. Any call for a Board Meeting shall take place at least ten days in advance and in writing with the date, place and items on the agenda.

(Quorum and Chairman of the Board of Directors Meetings)
Section 15.
The President of ICLEE serves as a chairman of the Director Meetings.

Section 16.
Each Meeting will be valid if there is at least a half of the Directors present. Decisions require a simple majority of the votes of the Directors present. In the case of an equal number of votes, the Chairman can cast a vote.

2. In the case of the Directorfs absence for reasons outside his or her control, the Director determines his or her votes on the agenda in writing in advance or selects a member as a proxy vote.

3. The authorized member for the proxy vote will be regarded as the Director present in case of Section 16.2.

(Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings)
Section 17.
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meetings shall be kept.

2. The Minutes shall be signed by the Chairman and two members selected for the Meetings upon confirmation by the Board of Directors of their being a true record.

Article V ? Assets of the ICLEE

(Composition of Assets)
Section 18.
The ICLEE assets are composed of:
(1) Annual membership fees
(2) Incomes derived from the assets
(3) Incomes derived from corporate activities
(4) Donations made to the ICLEE
(5) Other incomes

(Corporate Activity and Budget)
Section 19.
ICLEE activities and annual budget must be drawn up by the President of ICLEE and approved by the Board of Directors. The same procedure will apply to alterations to the activities and budget.

(Fiscal Year)
Section 20. The fiscal year of ICLEE extends from January 1 (first) to December 31 (thirty first) of each year.

(Annual Business Report and Account)
Section 21.
Promptly after the end of a fiscal year, business reports, list of assets, and income and expenditure account of ICLEE shall be prepared by the President and audited by the Comptrollers.

2. Any positive balance in the current fund upon closure of the accounting year must be carried over to the next year.

Article VI ? ICLEE Office

Section 22.
To organize Board Meetings, the ICLEE shall appoint the Constituent Society to which the President belongs to be as the host society to serve as the ICLEE Office.

Section 23.
The Host Society shall appoint a personal member to serve as a secretary of the ICLEE Office. The Secretaryfs term follows the rules of Board Members.

2. Other business affairs of the ICLEE Office shall be decided by the President upon votes by the Board of Directors Meetings.

3. For the time being, office staffs are served concurrently by the members of the preparatory committee indicated in Appendix 3.

Supplementary Provision

1. The Board Members of the ICLEE are indicated in Appendix 2 for the first year of its establishment and the terms of original Board Members extend to December 31 (thirty-first), 2006, regardless of the rules prescribed in Section 12 of this Agreement.

2. Publication schedule and budget of the ICLEE for the first year shall be determined by the established Board of Directors, regardless of the rules prescribed in Section 19 of this Agreement.

3. The first fiscal year after the establishment extends from the establishment date to December 31 (thirty-first), 2005, regardless of the rules prescribed in Section 20 of this Agreement.


Organization and the status Sign

Appendix 1 Constituent Societies of International Consortium of Landscape and Ecological Engineering.
Society Name Target of the Number of Personal Membership
JSRT 250
ECES 200

Appendix 2 Board Members of International Consortium of Landscape and Ecological Engineering.

Updated on August 5, 2007
Directors and secretaries of International Consortium of Landscape and Ecological Engineering (2007-2008)

Kim,Kwi-gon,Seoul University,


Moon,Seok-Ki,Chong-ju University,
Ohta,Takehiko,Tokyo University of Agriculture,
Yamagishi,Satoshi,Yamashina Avian Institute,
Nakagoshi,Nobukazu,Hiroshima University,
Lee,Eun-Heui,Seoul Womenfs University,
Kim,Hag-beom,Han-Kyung National University,
Hou,Jing-shoung,Tunghai University,

Kobayashi,Tatsuaki,Chiba University,

Associate Secretary
Kim,Nam-choon,Dankook University,
Sakamoto,Keiji,Okayama University,
Ezaki,Yasuo,Hyogo Prefecural University,
Kamada,Mahito,Tokushima University,
Kim,Min-Soo,Catholic University of Daegu,
Ho,Wu-chang,National Formosa University,

Office Stuff (homepage),
Iwasaki,Yutaka,Chiba University,
Lim,Eun-Mi,Chiba University,

Fu,Bo-Jie,Chinese Academy of Sciences,;

General affair, ICLEE2007
Koo,Bon-hak,Sangmyung University,

Other editors will be invited from Korea, China, Denmark and Germany

Appendix 3 Preparatory Committee Members for International Consortium of Landscape and Ecological Engineering.

KOBAYASHI, Tatsuaki, MORIMOTO, Yukihiro, NAKAMURA, Futoshi, KAMADA, Mahito, NATSUHARA, Yoshihiro, FUJIWARA, Michio, IMANISHI, Junichi, IWASKI, Hiroshi, , HIOKI, Yoshiyuki, KIM, Namchoon, MOON, Seokki, AHN, Younghee, JO, Hyun-kil, SHEU, Junghue, SHIBATA, Shozo, NAKAGOSHI, Nobukazu, OHTA, Takehiko


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